What We Provide


From creative to functional… business cards to billboards to branding… we provide a broad range of design services for an even broader range of applications.

Many companies have an idea of what they need, so they consult with CPD about the most effective way of getting there. Marketing your business needs to be very intentional and well planned out. It can involve a completely new approach or an upgrade to your existing materials. It might be enhancing their logo, developing a promotion, expanding their marketing reach… we welcome the challenge!

Some companies prefer to begin the creative process in-house. After they gather their ideas, they call on CPD to generate the professional-looking final art necessary to take it to completion.

Collateral includes everything printed and on the web, and is intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective while enhancing the company’s brand. Think of all your marketing collateral as “silent salespeople” telling your story when you’re not there to tell it yourself.

Most new companies don’t have a “brand” yet; it takes a while to develop. Branding is how prospects perceive you and getting them to see you as the only one who can provide a solution to their problem. This includes everything public about your company and must provide a positive, consistent overall message.

CPD is all about consistency and considering how short term needs affect long term goals.

Logo Design
Your logo is your company’s visual image and not to be taken lightly. It’s the face of your company. We can create a custom logo that fits your style and needs, or if you have a logo that could use a “facelift,” we can do that too.

It often takes an outside service such as CPD to identify and create your marketing message–in print and on the web. We will craft headlines, marketing points, and content to effectively promote your products and services to your target audience.

Some people refer to advertising as a “necessary evil,” but we think of advertising as a “necessary opportunity” to get your sales message where it needs to go. This can include magazines and newspapers, direct mail pieces, sell sheets, posters and banners, and a host of other vehicles.

Direct Mail
Your marketing efforts must be directed at those who can make a difference to your bottom line. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time and money. Direct mail is a targeted marketing technique that when used properly can be highly effective. It requires more than simply doing a mailing. You’ll need a catchy mailing piece, a great, targeted address list, and a carefully planned follow-up.

CPD has a vast knowledge of and experience with all printing techniques and processes. By working with a broad range of printers and printing-related companies, we are able to match the unique requirements of your projects with people who can get the job done… efficiently and economically. We’re very flexible, however, and are happy to work as a team with your chosen vendors, either directly or through you.

Marketing Consultation
It’s often difficult for companies to make honest and objective observations regarding their new or existing marketing efforts. We are frequently asked to review these projects for their professionalism and effectiveness.

Additionally, when you have a new project in mind, we love being on the ground floor to help make it a reality.

Let’s get started…